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Susan Brunts-Smith
Susan Brunts-Smith
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Steve Bowen
Steve Bowen

Since its inception in 1969, Sonics & Materials, Inc. has enjoyed over 45 years of world leadership in the fields of liquid processing, ultrasonic welding and plastics assembly.

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John Ryan
Wind Corporation & Affiliates
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Larry Cennamo
Larry Cennamo
Wind Hardware & Engineering A.K.A. Windcorp manufactures and supplies industrial hardware, specializing in locks, drawer slides, handles, hinges, fasteners and other metal & plastic component parts to a variety of industries. For over 60 years since 1949, Wind Hardware & Engineering has been a trusted supplier to many of the industry leaders in the office and industrial furniture, casework, dispenser, display, woodworking, electronic enclosures, security, luggage & case, recreational vehicle, U.S. government and construction industries throughout North America and internationally.

The Wind Group of Companies comprises of the following: Wind Hardware & Engineering Corp. is an industrial hardware supply resource, specializing in the manufacture and supply of cam lock drawer slide, furniture locks, etc. Zephyr Lock, LLC products reflect the most complete and innovative line of locker locking solutions. Zephyr Fluid Solutions, LLC focues on addressing the unique requirements of the bottled water and beverage industries. WindMade Products, LLC is an exclusive manufacturer of Neumade products and has produced more than 100 models of storage filing cabinets and racks for 8mm, super-8, 16mm, filmstrips, slides to name a few.