Newtown Parks & Recreation
3 Main Street Newtown, CT 06470
Amy Mangold
Amy Mangold
Mission Statement:
To create quality recreation and leisure opportunities strengthening the community through people, parks and programs.

Newtown’s Parks and Recreation facilities are important benefits of the town’s community character and structure. Parks and Recreation facilities are attractive components of Newtown’s landscape, and provide residents with opportunities for activities which are both healthful and educational. In addition, recreational facilities and programs act as community gathering places, fostering social interaction in an attractive environment. On another level, the quality of municipal recreational facilities and attendant services benefit property values and the marketability of the community. In these current difficult and challenging economic times, parks and recreation benefits are more important than ever in the lives of our community members.
Recreational facilities and activities in Newtown have evolved significantly during the past 30 years in an effort to keep pace with rapid population growth and ever changing community recreational desires. Today, organized sports and formal recreational program offerings are the focus of active youth, adolescent, senior and special needs recreation. High participation rates in an increasing variety of recreational activities and programs, combined with extended sports season, requires dedicated facilities capable of meeting community expectations for publicly offered recreational services.