Alicante Bar De Tapas & Mediterranean Kitchen
266 S Main St
Newtown, Connecticut 06470

In Spain, dinner is usually served between 9 and 11 p.m. (sometimes as late as midnight), leaving significant time between work and dinner. Therefore, Spaniards often go “bar hopping” (Spanish: Ir de tapas) and eat tapas in the time between finishing work and having dinner. Since lunch is usually served between 1 and 4 p.m., another common time for tapas is weekend days around noon as a means of socializing before proper lunch at home.

In origin, a tapa was a free portion of food, generally small, served with any drink ordered. In Spain, tapas are traditional in Andalusia, Murcia, León, Extremadura and Ciudad Real.

July 2018
Barnwood Grill
5 Queen Street Newtown, CT 06470
Elmond Blakaj
Elmond Blakaj
The finest food, meeting place, great bar, absolutely beautiful decor, and family restaurant in Newtown, Connecticut.

PHONE: (203) 491-2215
Sunday-Monday-Tuesday – 11:30AM – 9:00PM
Wednesday to Saturday – 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Lunch Till 3:00PM

The finest food, meeting place, great bar, absolutely
beautiful decor, and family restaurant in Newtown, Connecticut.

123 So. Main Street Newtown, CT 06470
Highland Plaza
Steve Ford
Steve Ford
Fresh. Local. Real.
Butcher’s Best Market is located at 125 South Main Street in Newtown, CT
Phone: 203-364-0013
Open Monday-Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm
Open Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm

Butcher’s Best Country Market provides southwestern Fairfield County and beyond with the finest in antibiotic-free, hormone-free, natural, local meats, poultry, and seafood. Specializing in house-cured bacon, pancetta, smoked pork products, traditional fresh sausage, nose-to-tail cuts (and simple, delicious recipes for what to do with them) and more, Butcher’s Best is owned and operated by meat-meister and butcher extraordinaire Steve Ford who, with his team, provide the kind of old-fashion care and service that continues to make Butcher’s Best the center of the meat-loving local community. Stop by for a sample, a recipe, the finest meat around, or just to say hello!

For more than thirty years I have dreamed of owning a country market like the kind I remember as a child. A place that has high quality natural food. No additives just naturally raised and grown from farmers I know. My store would be a shopping experience and include our home produced deli products, homemade sausage, steaks, prime rib, tenderloin, pork and even chicken from local farmers. I’d have carving stations and heat and serve meals to go so people could have a hot, healthy and flavorful meal, even after a long day at work. I’d have the best fish available. And even have chefs on hand that could give customers tips on how to cook everything we sell.

Well, today that dream is a reality. I have opened a 3,000 square foot Country Store just about 2 miles south of the flag pole in Newtown at Highland Plaza.

To our many customers, I would like to say how very pleased I am to deliver on a promise to create the best country market in Connecticut.

To those folks that have yet to visit and want something more than a token natural food section, I say, come on in and see for yourself. I bet I can make you a regular!

Butcher’s Best… truly a country market.

76 S. Main Street Newtown, CT 06470
Edward Martino
Edward Martino
43 South Main Street, Unit 1 Newtown, CT 06470
Michele Hanson
Michele Hanson

Fresh farm to table cuisine

105 Church Hill Road Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Joe Tartaglia
Joe Tartaglia
Franco’s Pizza
228 So. Main Street Newtown, CT 06470
Marcio Santo
Marcio Santo

At Franco’s Pizza & Pasta many things guide us toward excellence, but nothing is as important as our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves in providing a menu that’s prepared with only the finest ingredients. From fresh vegetables to our never frozen, hand-tossed original dough and superior-quality tomato sauce, we strive to exceed your expectations. We even take special care to ensure all of our pizzas are made with zero trans-fat. Combine our total commitment to quality with our superior ingredients, and the result is pure pizza excellence.

Aside from pizza, we also offer paninis, wraps, seafood, calzones, baked dishes and delicious salads and appetizers.

Don’t forget, you can BYOB and we also deliver.

Murphy’s Pub
71 South Main Street,
Newtown, CT 06470
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy
(203) 270-1800

As newcomers to Newtown, we know we have a lot to prove. We are ready to welcome you to the perfect place to grab a beer after work, a quick bite for lunch or dinner, a place to unwind over a game of pool or a place to dance the night away to some of the best bands Fairfield County has to offer.

Order up a burger and a pint and see why Murphy’s Pub will become your favorite go-to pub!


8 Queen Street Newtown, CT 06470
Louise Tambascio
Louise Tambascio
97 South Main Street Newtown, CT 06470
Angelo Marini
Angelo Marini

Italian Restaurant & Bar