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Gain a Competitive Advantage
The Chamber of Commerce of Newtown is committed to creating a competitive advantage for our members. We are working constantly to offer programs and services that lower operating costs, increase management expertise and improve the community environment to make it more business-friendly.

The benefits of membership in the Newtown Chamber are both direct and significant, with a variety of opportunities for advertising, networking, referrals, and personal and business participation.  Current economic conditions make joining our Chamber the best marketing and promotional strategy you as a business owner or manager can make. Membership is truly one of the best returns on investments you can initiate in growing your business.

Committed Leadership
 The Chamber exists for the benefit of each member. The elected Board of Directors determines policies and plans of action aimed at maintaining and developing a community in which business and families can thrive.

Joining the Chamber is an investment in your business.
Chamber membership pays. Membership is a valuable investment in your business – one that can reap priceless results. When you invest resources such as involvement in committees, participation in networking functions, and the cost of dues, a positive return is definite.